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I was dubious about this type of therapy at first but, after weeks of deliberation, I finally booked in for an initial consultation with Polly to see what it was all about. I decided to take the plunge soon afterwards and I have not looked back. Polly has helped me overcome some personal issues and an unhealthy obsession I have been struggling with for a while now and has made me see a light at the end of the tunnel. With her help, guidance and constant reassurance, I am now in a much better place mentally. I am so grateful to her for her help and non-judgmental attitude over the last few months. We also get on very well and I consider her now, not just to be my therapist, but also a friend. If you are considering trying hypnotherapy, then look no further than Polly.

"Polly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you! I cannot express how much you have helped me and changed my life! You really are an angel in disguise. Thank you for always helping me to see the positives, to put things into perspective, and to find happiness in every day. You're amazing, and the affect you've had on my life will last forever."

"Thank you for everything you've done. Your help has been life changing. 
You're such an inspiration, and I'm sure you will inspire many more on your new journey as a hypnotherapist."


"I've worked with Polly to attempt to overcome my fear of moth and butterflies. Each session with Polly was well thought out and she was very sensitive to my needs, fears and wishes. Her relaxed, friendly nature made me feel comfortable and each session left me feeling at ease. Working with her on hypnotherapy techniques and readings made me feel less anxious each time. I was even provided with the reading to listen to in my own time. After my sessions I'm pleased to say I am now able to be in the same space as either a moth or butterfly without crying or freaking out! I can't honestly thank Polly enough and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wishing to combat their phobias."


"Polly has helped me overcome my anxiety and panic attacks. She put me at ease straight away and gave me lots of strategies to put into place that helped me whenever I started to feel anxious. I now have the confidence in myself to control and feel more relaxed with my emotions. Friends and family have seen a change in me since I started having hypnotherapy and I wish I had discovered it years ago. Polly makes you feel very relaxed and welcome. I would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone, it's life changing."


Polly helped me overcome my fear of flying and I've just got back from my first holiday abroad in 7 years! I wasn't sure hypnotherapy was for me but Polly was so professional and friendly and the whole experience was really positive!
Thank you polly for helping me overcome my fear and even enjoy the flight!


Polly is such a lovely person and has helped me in so many ways.
Polly has taught me how to deal with my anxiety and I have a much more positive attitude. I’m taking myself out of my comfort zone and doing things I never thought I would.
Thank you so much.
I can not recommend her enough.


‘I first got in contact with Polly to see if Hypnotherapy could help with my anxiety. I have always been a slightly anxious person & had found it had got particularly bad since becoming a mother. I was always worrying what others thought of me, feeling like I wasn’t good enough, & taking to heart & obsessing over negative comments.
Polly has been fantastic, she is professional, compassionate & puts you at ease. I always looked forward to my sessions & began to notice considerable changes from early on.
Doing Hypnotherapy has changed my life, it’s allowed me to set boundaries & move away from toxic relationships. It’s built my confidence & given me self belief. When I do have moments where I start to feel anxious, I now recognise the negative cycle of thoughts & am usually able to bring myself out of it. It’s allowed me to enjoy my life more, feel more present & cherish time with my family & friends.’


"After working with Polly on my anxiety I can truly say that the experience has been life changing for me! Polly is absolutely fantastic! I have tried many methods to cope with my anxiety over the last 18 years as I have suffered with this since being a teenager. These methods ranged from medication and counselling to  CBT. I can hand on heart say that since having hypnotherapy with Polly my anxiety has been the most controlled it has ever been. I cannot recommend Polly highly enough, nor will I ever be able to thank her enough for the incredible new way of living she has given to me. Thank you Polly, you're phenomenal!"


Solution hypnotherapy has really supported me in dealing with anxiety and confidence issues. Polly has helped me learn how to be more positive and think logically when presented with a problem or difficult situation, rather then dwell on negatives and allow anxiety to consume my mind.
I’m personally not a fan of opening up about problems or how I’m feeling, this only causes me to feel more anxious! But this style of therapy and Polly’s supportive and positive nature has allowed me to focus on and deal with my issues, without having to open up so much about the why, when, how, etc. I really recommend Polly, she is a professional, with such a big heart and a genuine passion to help people. 


As a stressed out and anxious first time mum, I was sceptical about how much Polly could help me in just a one hypnotherapy hour session per week.
How wrong I was!! I truly believe every new parent should see Polly as what she does is absolutely amazing. After her hour session I feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the rigours of the days again! It also helps me for the rest of the week to stay calm and cope with the sleep deprivation.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Polly!


I've have been going to polly for nearly a year now. Polly has helped me immensely over this time. I always look forward to every session with her & I come out every time feeling so positive & relaxed. She has a gift of absorbing my negativity making me think & feel respectful of myself with a mind set that lasts for weeks after. The therapy has changed my life forever and the way I see myself and my journey is now happy and fulfilled. I have recommended so my people to polly & continue to find her and inspiration. Thank you so much. Xxx and she makes great tea xx


I cannot thank Polly enough. She has helped me finally break through my fear of public speaking and presenting.

For years I was immobilised by the fear of standing up and talking in front of people but I knew to take my career to the next step I had to take charge and control my feelings.
It was amazing that after just 3 sessions I had not only the confidence but also excitement to stand up and present to my team.
The presentation went so well and to know I’ve stepped way outside my comfort zone makes me proud and has given me a sense of empowerment.

It really made me aware the power of negative thoughts and how creating new habits can break those negative thoughts down.

I can not recommend Polly Evans hypnotherapy enough!

If you think something is holding you back and you know once you break away from that ‘thing’ you’ll be a better version of yourself then invest in yourself and book just 1 session. You will not regret it :)

Thank you Polly.


I went to Polly with a foot phobia, anything to do with feet and I was a mess. I could barely watch my 8 month old son play with his socks off. After a long discussion, Polly worked out that stress was a huge factor in my life and this needed to be reduced in order to help. We had a course of relaxation hypnotherapy which included an evening track to listen to a few times a week. After just a few sessions, I found myself not so pent up and anxious. The little things no longer bothered me and my home life felt easier. We had just two sessions of hypnotherapy for my fear, and whilst it wasn’t immediate, I suddenly realised a few weeks later that I didn’t even think about it anymore. I literally had to be reminded that this was a problem for me! Excellent work Polly. You have not only eliminated what was a real and sometimes socially limiting fear. You also left me with the knowledge of how to reduce my stress day to day, rationalise what’s important and be more positive. Thank you.


Polly has really helped my son overcome his phobia which was causing lots of upset to daily life. ( fainting at the sight of blood) with Polly’s help and some sessions he has overcome this phobia.

Many thanks Polly.